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Morning & After School Routine for K

Morning & After School Routine for K

I am in the process of setting up routines with our girls (again!!!!). I saw Durin's new Kiddiegenda Template and knew this was the ticket for the girls and me. I'm making one for each of the girls. I LOVE digital scrapping as I can make them so different (since the girls are SO different) but use the same template. This one is for Kristen...the style/fashion lover.

Supplies in EXIF -- oops, forgot to add Durin's Thoughts and Talks 2 Embellishment Template.


    Very cool and I think the girls will love these, Debbie. I think children like it when things are done simply by following an agenda!
    Very posh! I love the sophisticated, elegant look of this one. Great job!
    SO pretty and I like your idea.
    I bet your little fashionista loves this!!!