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Bye Bye Pacifier

Bye Bye Pacifier

At the age of 2, you’re still so deeply in love with your pacifier. We knew that it should be about time for you to say bye-bye to it, but just wouldn’t want you to do it involuntarily. Finally we’ve got you a tiny safe box and asked you to lock it inside by yourself. That one night, you’re very determined to separate with your beloved pacifier. You put it inside the safe, stared at it for a while, but when you’re about to close and lock it, you just couldn’t stand the feeling of parting with it. You took it out again, tasted it for one last time, and you finally locked the little safe by yourself, saying bye-bye to your pacifier.

Documenting Joy Page Kit Plus by Nicole Young

    Awww so cute! I love the splash of color against the background of muted colors.
    Really enjoy the artsy look to your LO and the coloring! Pacifiers are hard to give up--the longer they have had them it seems the harder to let go. What a great idea for him to put it in his little safe! Smart of you!!
    great layout, great story, been there, done that except we call it a 'dummy' believe it or not, lol

    love the pop of colour