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Jumpstart January Task #16


Hilary Locke

Jumpstart January Task #16

The design of the LO came from the pattern on my piece of pottery, the texture bg was also inspired by the pot. These shots were taken almost a year ago and there were spring flowers showing above ground - this year we have nothing but snow.






    i like the simplicity of this LO. love the photos. Good job
    Love the color palette you chose -- compliments the white flowers beautifully. Your blending is awesome -- love the chicken wire and poetry blended into background. Nice touch with the large stitching! Love your layout.
    Gorgeous photos and beautiful page. I really like your backgrounds and the template you used to show off your lovely pic. So nice to see Spring flowers - it is 9degrees F and -13C here this morning. I remember the warm winter last year too.
    There is certainly a difference between this year and last year for sure! Your photos are lovely, as is your whole layout!
    Beautifully done. Love the simplicity of the LO. The stitching is a perfect touch.
    Beautiful Hilary! I love snowdrops because they really tell that the winter is going to end - some day.
    I love those snowdrops, Hilary. I really like subtle effects here; the faint text over the main photo; the chicken wire underneath; the brick bushwork and the earthy colours. I can almost smell it!
    Beautiful Snowdrops - they caught my eye in the gallery & had to take a peek... lovely layout & brushwork (another technique to try!)
    I have very similar photos - snow drops are so wonderful when they pop, sometimes right through the snow. Lovely layout I like the colors and the block design.
    What lovely flowers - love the name too!