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20130112 Pantomime

20130112 Pantomime

I took the swatch colours from the photographs in the background with the curtains and stars. This was the first pantomime both children had seen and I knew it was going to be tricky with lots of pictures and lots of journalling, but my favourite layout template for lots of pictures came to the rescue. Although a typepath comes with the layout I created my own, this was complicated in PSE and involved lots of custom shapes and it has sort of worked.


Matthew, Grandpa Michael, Aunty Sophy, Mummy and Daddy went to see the WHIPs pantomime. Mimi was performing and Grandpa Peter had designed the set and was working backstage.

Matthew watched the performance in amazement, completely transfixed by the music. Beth had other things on her mind; how did the curtains work, when would she see Mimi and when could she go on stage? When the children were invited to the stage she was one of the first and ended up at the back, completely hidden.

After the show Beth was still talking about the curtains so we went backstage to see if Grandpa Peter could explain how they worked. She also saw how the backcloths worked and tried out some of the costumes, including Cinderella’s crown, the fairy godmother’s wand and two of the masks from the masquerade ball. The most exciting moment was discovering that Cinderella’s slippers were very like the shoes she was wearing.



    Wonderful page - super journaling - I can feel the magic from your words. I really like your photos - most especially that expression on Beth's face. Lovely layout - what a great memento for years to come.
    Your photos are adorable! Looks like they had a lot of fun!! Nice job using the Cinderella stage photo in the background and the gold stars. I really like your LO!
    A really nice arrangement to get so many photos in, looking so good. Love that large photo on the bottom - so cute.
    This is so cute! Love the arrangement and your journaling. :)
    Your jounralling is wonderful! Such cute photos and they are arranged so nicely. Using a picture of the stage as a background for your journalling is a neat touch.
    Love your blocking. Fantastic set of photos. way to journal!
    I really love the whole layout and the shoe picture is tres fab dahlink! :wub:
    I'm impressed that you could get so many photos in and still have room for the journaling and everything looks just great!
    Great collection of photos. I like how you've included the glittery shoes - so very pantomime!
    Wonderful & magical collection of photos... plus super journaling to tell us the beautiful story... plus she looks gorgeous :) TFS