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in honour of Australia Day

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Being Australia Day on Saturday I have been thinking about being an Australian, and this funny story popped back into my head... I am still grinning as I post it :-)





map from Google maps


edit: here is the story in case it is hard to read:

One of my all time, very favourite 'Aussie' experiences was in New York. It was near xmas 1993 and my friend and I spent 11 days in Manhattan. We walked everywhere. We had so much time that we just literally wandered. One day we had been down to see Washington Park and Wall St and just kept going... we wandered into an area that was actually quite scary back then. It was rundown and dark and dingy and there were not many people around. It had boarded up windows and closed down clubs and we really felt like we shouldn't be there. We approached an intersection hoping to get some idea of where we were. A middle aged couple were on the other side, holding a map. Turned out they were lost too and stopped us to ask for directions! As soon as we opened our mouths they said "Are you Aussies?". Before we really had a chance to reply they were telling us they knew an Aussie and asked if we knew him... This was kinda weird beause Australia has over 20million people and clearly we don't know them all!! His name is "Ummm.. what is it, honey? Dundee?? Croc Dundee??"... We were very polite and explained that we did not actually know him and that he was a movie character and that we didn't know the actor either... I think they were disappointed.

It was hysterical though and even now I get a giggle thinking about it. The internet has helped bridge this cultural gap and these kinds of stories are gone.

Call that a story? No, THIS is a story... lol.

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Photo Information for in honour of Australia Day

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HAha - funny story and great layout, Jode. I really enjoyed your journaling and all the super Aussie pieces you put together on this page. I also really like your background photo - just wonderful. Sounds like it was a wonderful trip and memorable time.

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