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Pop Pop's Sous Chefs


&Ginny Whitcomb

Pop Pop's Sous Chefs

My husband loves cooking with the Grand Children!


Every once in awhile Pop Pop becomes
the master chef in the house and gathers
his ‘sous chefs’ (aka grandchildren) around
to create pizza masterpieces. Pop Pop is
known for saying pizza is the best food
to eat, it covers all food groups! And his
sous chefs couldn’t agree more!

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    This is so sweet! I love how you arranged the two photos and your jouraling is great. :)
    So, so cute! We love making homemade pizzas around here, too!
    Wonderful LO! I love the monochrome photo in the background.
    Wonderful Layout - I love the back photo color change.
    I think that is fabulous for Pop Pop and the girls.