Toothless Collection Biggie - Layout 1

"First Lost Tooth" layout by Laurel Lakey.

Journaling: "Okay, so maybe it’s really his second lost tooth. But since it came within TWO days of the first one, I think we can lump them together for the sake of this layout. ;) Eli was so nervous about it coming out, even though he had been wiggling it for a while. And then one night on my bed, he tried to pull my blanket with his teeth (don’t ask, I don’t know what he was doing) and the tooth just popped right out! We were not expecting that, to be sure! I’m glad we found it, it was so tiny. So on to the next letter to the Tooth Fairy, a scramble to get it under his pillow before bedtime, and the excitement the next morning when he found his moolah instead of his tooth! The Tooth Fairy was glad she had some extra cash on hand...wink..."


Layout uses:


Toothless Collection Biggie

Toothless Solid Papers

Mommy Love Collection

Count The Ways Collection Biggie


Thanks for looking! :)


© © 2013 Laurel Lakey

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Delightful page! LOL,that it's his second tooth. This photo is so cute! I love your journaling and the letter to the tooth fairy adorable!

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I love it Laurel. I especially like everything going down the middle with the 2 sides bringing interest to the whole layout.

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I love the brightness and colourfulness of this layout, plus the joy of losing a tooth, yep, we still have that with Aaron...although he thinks he 'knows' who the tooth fairy actually is, lol

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I really like the central focus of this layout with the white background and pops of color in the borders. The journaling made me giggle - esp. since my first son also lost his first two teeth within 1-2 days of eacch other:)

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