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20130106 Beth and Primrose

20130106 Beth and Primrose

This is for task 16 and is photographs of my daughter playing my husband's pet snake, Primrose. I coloured the paper using the magic wand and select>similar. The inspiration came from a graphic design book my husband gave me for Christmas and is about clustering shapes to create a circle.



    Sweet photos -- and, I admit, your daughter is braver than I! I like the photos in a circle with the circular mat. Great color combo, too.
    eeel snake! Cool LO but eeek snakes! Great background and colors.
    Such a sweet page. Wow - that is kinda cool to be friends with a snake. I really like your use of circles and design. Lovely layout.
    Great colors. I love the circle photos with the circle mat. Makes everything well rounded. Great job.
    Cute photos and the curved shape kind of goes with Primrose who's also a very curvy girl.
    Trying to get past my anti-snakey feelings! But it's a really interesting layout. I like the circle-made-from-circles theme, and the repetition of the blue and orange in the background paper.
    Love the layout, but wow (!) what a subject. Glad he is your husband! LOL!
    She looks right at home with that snake! How cool! :) Love the mat with the punched edges you used to anchor the images.