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Project Life - week 1

Project Life - week 1

And off we go with week 1!

Happy New Year! Time to get into the habit of writing a new date on checks, letters, and a host of other things.
From the looks of the photos here, it seems this new year is all about eating, drinking, and partying!

We started out the new year in church as we all counted down to midnight and then Dave got a start on trimming the
trees that have been encroaching on our property for a very long time. My college team was playing in the
Orange Bowl this year - the NIU Huskies! We lost to FSU but it was a great game, made even better by taco salad and pink champagne.
Do we know how to party, or what?! Our dear friends Russell & Christopher had their annual Twelfth Night dinner, and another afternoon
Dave and I got lunch from an old favorite - the Football Sandwich Shop. Itís right by our old church and where I grew up and each sub is
named for a player on the unbeaten 1972 Dolphins Team. My favorite is the Zonker, #39 (shown above), Daveís is #42, The Receiver. Last
but not least, the artist Britto is very popular right now. At the mall we saw a Britto Porsche on display!

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    I love this. You are doing a great job documenting your week. Wonderful job of taking photos of the everyday things along with the not so everyday things. Holding up the paper is a very clever way to make a statement. I need to get in the habit of taking more everyday photos.
    You're off to a great start!!! :)
    Great page! All the food is making me hungry, I admit. (And the champagne looks tempting as well, lol.) I like your arrangement and festive background color.
    Another year off to a great start. :)
    Fabulous page, Becky! I love Britto's Porche and I'd love to show it to our Christopher but am afraid he might paint our car like that! LOL Love the composition of your week and all of the fun photos! This is going to be such fun - I hope I can keep up!
    Looks fantastic Becky. I love the variety of your photos and enjoyed reading your journaling. You're off to a great start!
    Love it! That picture with the newspaper is great. lol
    This is cool. Great happy colours, and i really enjoyed your journalling. Isn't it so cool to be able to share snippets of our lives with our fellow scrappers, people who understand why we do what we do and what it means to us? =)
    And, we're off! Great first page, Becky. I like your photos and the way you included the everyday.
    I love the Britto car, after I saw your LO with a Britto Bear I got Ava one they are so sweet!
    Such a good job of sharing your day to day activities. Love that you included a picture of your sandwich!