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January 22 - TASK 16

Task #15 ~ Photo's of my niece (Stephanie) & nephews (James singing & Jack on guitar) @ Groundswell - Regional Youth Event at Parkes - May 2012

Journaling reads ~
Our God is Love
Every soul every beating heart
Every nation and every tongue
Come find hope in the love of the Father
All Creation will bow as one
Lift their eyes to the risen Son
Jesus Savior forever and after.
This is Love
Jesus came & died & gave His Life for us,
Let our voices rise & sing for all He's done,
Our fear is overcome,
Our God is Love!
Our God is Love...

Credits go to ~
Scrap Girls_SSClub_DEB_SSPaper_Classic Beauty Mats @ http://store.scrapgi...mats-p27407.php - Task #14
Scrap Girls - Syndee Nuckles_SNU - Flea Market Collection Biggie - Unused Kit
Fonts ~ SNUFONT_Toothpick

    I like how you used your journaling as a design element here and your arrangement of the photos/title on the mat.
    I love the lighting in your photos. Lovely framing, too!
    Nice photos - they really capture the energy of the event. Pretty frame and I like how you tucked a bit of ruffle behind it.
    Great framing. Well done. The butterflies are a perfect touch.
    Great LO! I love the colours you picked, they compliment the pics perfectly!