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kisses for An innocent heart


An innocent heart

kisses for An innocent heart

This uses An innocent heart, created by more than 100 designers from all over the world for the heartsurgery of Mye de Leon`s newborn baby Alphonse, born premature and in urgent need for this surgery.

    I like the photo techniques you've used here so that it looks like a drawing. Lovely colors, too. Best wishes on your fundraising!
    Great technique on the babies I like the way it blends into the background which has such a different look, but perfect for your sketch. Good luck with the fundraiser!
    very sweet pose and so innocent!
    Beautiful page and I like how you treated the photo.
    I love this...so VERY special! Thank you for sharing it with us.
    A really interesting use of layers and blending. Very artistic.
    A very special & unique page... love the blending & the techniques used... all the best with your fundraising!
    Very creative and unique. Just beautiful. Sure hope everything turns out ok for the baby needing surgery.
    Such a sweet photo. I love how you blended this page.
    So precious! I love the style and look of this layout! Really spectacular!