Christmas 1999 - left

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If we had known this would be our last Christmas in this house, we probably would have made sure we got a photo of the magnificent 12 foot tall Christmas tree. We have photos of them from other years, but not from the last. Cathrine asked for a magic kit, but she also got some clothes her her American Girl doll, Josephina and a Madame Alexander doll. Annette asked for a loom and it works pretty well. She loves her Bitty Baby and likes to dress her in cute, new clothes. She also got a new outfit for Molly, her American Girl doll. Charlotte loves horses and asks for a real one every chance she gets. She was thrilled with the barn for her growing Breyer horse collection. She put her Furby in the corral too. Thomas was delighted with his Buzz Lightyear, but I think his favorite part of Christmas is the candy. I got a cool new foot for my sewing machine. The kids all got a big set of Lincoln Logs and built a cool cabin with them. It always seems like we end up buying too many presents, but it is just so much fun to watch the kids open them on Christmas Morning!


ScrapSimple Digital Layout Album Templates: 12x12 Line Em Up

Super 7 Spread: Winter's Child

Flea Market Collection Biggie

Flea Market Word Art Mini

Just Be You Collection Biggie

Figgy Plum Pudding Collection Mini

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Oh, I so feel the excitement and fun of Christmas morning reading and looking through your page, April. I like the collection and templates you used and enjoyed your explanation in the NL today. Great two-pager.

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