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Project 52 Week 3 (right side)

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Journalling reads:


1. - 2. Neko-chan’s Pretend Restaurant serves up a mean Chicken Chop with Rice and Veg, complete with Fruit Salad as dessert. (There’s ice cream too.)

3. - 4. Magnetic dress-up dolls. Joyjoy dresses her Japanese dolls in formal garb fit for a military ball, while Neko-chan goes one step further, placing Belle and Cinderella in scenes as lovely as their gowns.

5. Joyjoy discovers her favourite hiding place - inside her Korkor’s clothes cupboard!

6. Bedtime Bear goes on a ride on Floppy Giraffe, while Neko-chan tackles his homework for the day.

7. - 10. On a rare sunny afternoon, the kids hit the playground in front of the house and have a swinging good time together.

11. Joyjoy enjoys some kueh bahulu while waiting for Neko-chan to finish his art lesson

12. Neko-chan has memorised 3 Bible verses so far, and this keychain is one of the prizes he receives!

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Such happy pages! I really like the colors that you've chosen for this project. I really like the cluster on this page.

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