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1/19 Saturday Color Challenge & 1/23 HNC: Sunset


Here's what I think of as my "weird" layout. I was inspired by the gorgeous layouts for the orange/green Saturday color challenge and decided to do something "different". So, I used a green tint on a sunset photo and started to play. In the middle of this the HNC challenge was to use SS items - something I always have trouble with but decided to try. I'm not sure I even like this page, but after playing all week and a new color challenge coming out tomorrow, I decided to post it. It's way out of my comfort zone - I'm usually pretty literal about things. GREEN sunset?????

Journaling reads:

"The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire.

Pamela Hansford Johnson"

For this layout I used:

JCOSeder Night Mini Collection

SJO Awakening Collection

BMU SS Papers - Background Blenders

MRE SS Tools - Styles: Starburst 5001

BMU SS Paper Templates: Edgers Biggie

BMU Brush Set Sunbursts

and my own photo

Photo Information for 1/19 Saturday Color Challenge & 1/23 HNC: Sunset

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Wow! Well, it might be out of your comfort zone, Marilyn, but it is gorgeous! I can see the ripples in the water and I love the swirl - absolutely beautiful! I think you're on to something new for yourself here! I like it!

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Wow, this lept off the MB at me. I think it is so lovely. I really love how the darker green of the water works with the rust and fire colors. The sunburst is so, so lovely and draws you into that beautiful reflection. Great job Marilyn!

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I agree with Cherryyllaann, above: this leaps out at us from the MB. The colors might not exactly exist in Nature, but you've made them lovely! Gorgeous layout, Mar. I love what you did here! :D Great quote, too. I must remember that one.

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Green sunset, green eggs and ham... hahaha... love it. Something to be said for stretching yourself and not being literal! This is so novel and eye catching - it draws your curiosity as you just HAVE to look at it more closely! Really stunning, and your quote is so apt... it looks like a great big yolky green egg out there. :-)

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I think its beautiful and certainly an artistic journey. When you break out and play that means you are getting something really satisfying out of your art form. This is beautiful and hopefully reflective of your mood at the time you created it. That's the fun of it all. Wonderful layout!

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You should work outside your comfort zone more often! I love this and it's beautiful. Great job with the sunset and colors!

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