Other images in SG: Project Life 2013

Project Life 2013 Jan page 3 & 4

The page is printed, then each rectangle is cut out and placed in a pocket of a page protector.

I have details about how I'm doing the project here.


These two didn't use much in the way of my SG supplies other than the retired Firefighter collection. So, I'm posting these together.

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Absolutely awesome photos, Char! My goodness Nathan is growing up and he is such a cutie-pie! He looks like a busy little boy - I'm sure he was the inspiration for your colorful and energetic collections that I so love! Love your composition!

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Great photos you've got there! i like how you journalled directly on the photos, and the blocky composition of your layout.

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You may not have used much in terms of supplies, but the photos are great! I love the shots of Nathan peeping through his toys. :D

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Nice group of pictures. Really like how you include some journalling on some of the dead space in your photos. Neat idea.

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