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25jan13 CSC - 3s

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I started off with my 3photos and decided to keep it reallysimple and stay with 3 colours and embellishments. Well, obviously that didn't last long. What I have ended up with are:

3 photos, 3 word arts, 3 cursive words, 3 alphas/fonts, 3 embellishments, 3 colours, 3 piece background (2 papers and an edger) and 3 x 3 lots of buttons... that is my story and I am sticking to it ;-)










font: Kristen ITC, League Script Thin






Journalling reads:

We were mucking around with the fisheye lens and I took these photos of you - the first thing you said when you saw what you looked like was "Oh my gosh, I look like Sheldon when he says stuff to Penny"... hahaha. I know this isn't the Sheldon face you mean but it is quintessential Sheldon. We are huge Sheldon fans. We think he is hilarious - because of his quirks, not in spite of them... and he isn't crazy.. his mum had him tested :-)

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LOL, Sheldon is the BEST! And this page is adorable....you are so creative! Your LO is so fun.....I keep studying it to name the different resources. SO COOL!

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Oh, Jody, we are huge Sheldon fans too - we love that show so much and try to never miss it! What a fun layout! BAZINGA! Don't you just love it when Sheldon thinks he's being funny? Hysterical! Love, love your photos!

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I enjoyed your page. Even though I am not a fan but do enjoy Sheldon's humor. Interestingly that he was not meant to be the main character of that show. I like the red and green of your page.

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Bazinga!!! that was the first thing I thought when I saw this. love it.


we saw him in a play in NY last July, he is just divine and was fantastic on stage

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Super page Jode and I laughed when I saw it. Great journaling and wow - amazing photos - he really DOES rsemeble Sheldon. I love all the different pieces you put together into a wonderful whole and I really like the colors you used. Totally cool layout.

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