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Project Life: Week 1 (January)

Project Life: Week 1 (January)

My first layout for Project Life 2013. I'm a little behind because I've focussed on creating the template and my plan is to use the same one for each week and just change the arrangement of the pictures. I hope by keeping it simple I will complete the year.


1. My first page a day diary in many years 2. Aunty Sophy came for a surprise visit and we visited the park 3. Matthew playing games with his bowl after dinner 4. Peace and quiet, a day at home on my own 5. It feels sad taking down the Christmas decorations for the last time in this house 6. Beth playing with Primrose 7. Back to work after 2.5 weeks leave



    I really like your format, Kate! And I like the idea of keeping format the same to keep incentive up! I'm going to do mine that way too once February is here. I've kind of wandered and done different things so far until I figured out what I wanted to do. I love the big polka dot paper that you used for a background for your awesome photos and love your journaling sideways! Beautifully done!
    Very nice! I like your arrangement and plan. I can't say I like that snake, though. lol
    Great layout and journaling. I'm with Charlene regarding the snake although she does have a pretty name.
    Good job on creating your format for Project Life. Fun photos too, snakie included. I like the polka dot paper you chose for the background too!
    Nice format! i like the background paper too, and your journalling is great. =)
    Oh, I will be interested to see how your template works out. I've always wondered at the people that had "recipes" that they followed. I like your composition and your choice of collection. Nicely done!
    Cute photos and I like your template. Super page - you are off to a great start.
    Great vertical journal lines! Love the quiet day at home ALONE wow!
    The template is lovely. I love your photos and the way the background paper looks with them.
    Great LO, I love the format you've used of all the photos together and then the journaling numbered at the side.