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January #3 Project Life 2013

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Oh my goodness! Too cute. Those jammies take the cake for the cutest ever and this little guy is so, so adorable. That bottom lip does it for me each time too!

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Sara, so precious for sure. Crawford sure is a cutie and you are creating a wondeful remembrance for him and his parents. Adorable pics and I like the background you chose. Super page.

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Wow you're on a roll, Sara! i love the little raccoon face on the backside of Crawford's pjs. This is a wonderful gift for Crawford and his parents. =)

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Awww...little pouty lip! And, I love the pajamas with the animals on the behind. My sister has one with a crab for my nephew. She calls him "Mr. Crabby Pants" when he wears them.

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