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Project Life 2013 January page one

Project Life 2013 January page one

I've decided to give Project Life 2013 a try. While I've been scrapbooking for a few years now, I've only ever scrapped the 'big' moments in our lives - vacations, birthdays, special holidays, etc. With my Mom passing away about 15 months ago, as I look back on my layouts I realize I didn't document what made my mom, Mom. The little things.. like why she hated the color green, or why her favorite flower was the red rose. I know she had her reasons, but I can't remember them. I find myself forgetting those little things that made her so unique and so special.

I want Project Life to be about us, the everyday things. I want it to capture the big moments too, but simple, everyday living is a gift that I cherish and I want it captured. Maybe one day my son will ask why I love the color yellow - and he'll know where to look for the answer!

Products used:

BMU Peaceful Collection Biggie
Template: Free template from another site. Designer not provided.

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    This is so beautiful and the journaling is very touching.
    What a beautiful remembrance you've written about your Mom, Sara - your layout is lovely and I love the sentiment. I'm Nanny to my little Grandchildren and my name is Sara too, so we have something in common! Beautifully done and I think your Mom would love that you've been able to document your feelings about her. Thank you for letting us share it with you.
    Great first page for your project life 2013. Touching journaling and I like your clusters.
    Lovely 2 page layout. Your journaling was so heartfelt and thoughtful. I share your sentiments in remembering the little moments, they are what make up our lives. I also really like your handwriting font.
    I love this... Great idea, and well journaled.
    This is so beautiful... i agree, the little moments from our everyday lives are something to cherish, and definitely worth capturing!
    Lovely and heartfelt journaling. Beautiful page.
    Lovely page, wonderful journaling and great clusters too!
    What a wonderful motivation for this project! And, a beautiful page and journalling.
    The two pages look wonderful together. Beautiful embellishment clusters and beautifully designed page!