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Cedar Point

Cedar Point

I feel like this page has some nice masculine flavor to it which rarely happens when I create pages of my husband and I. It often seems that the layouts I create of us together tend to be on the feminine side, so it is nice to have a few that reflect the masculine half of our relationship. Now...if I could just get him to journal some of his thoughts and memories (instead of them always being mine) I would have it made!

Products Used:
Persian Breeze Collection Biggie

    Gorgeous LO! I love the grungy feel of it and the treatment on the edge of your photo.
    What a fun memory behind this layout! :) I love Cedar Point! I really like the leather corners for this one! Cute inset picture too!
    I very much like the colors you used and the you the feel of it is...
    plus I love your sweater...

    Another awesome layout. You and your DH are so photogenic. It's wonderful that you have these beautiful pages full of your memories!
    I LOVE this kit! Gotta get it. This is a really great LO. All the leather accents are just wonderful!
    This is a great page! I have a hard time doing masculine, too. I think you did a great job, though! And I love the frames!