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JJ #16: Under the Weather

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I used the colour palette of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's 1914 Frauenkopf painting (Task #13). I recoloured sections of SSPaper in Task #14 and used two photos of Perth, Western Australia.




Brush: Miss Mary Potter Rain


Corel PSP Plugin: KPT Lightning

Font: Retro Rock Poster

Photo: Bell Tower, Perth - Wells Colleciton

Photo: Street Art, Perth - Wells Collection


© & Eden 2013

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I love this, Eden! I love the whimsy of it and it has a familiar look to it because my son loves to draw these "characters" - I'll have to show this to him! I LOVE your background!

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This is amazing, Eden! It has a very, oh, Tim Burton or Beetlejuice (the cartoon) feel to it. I love them both. :) I'll be showing this to my kids. Thanks for sharing!

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Oh how wonderfully creative, Eden. I agree with Sara and Laurie and I really like the real-life cartoony feel to your page. You so aptly depicted that "empty-in-the-middle" feeling of under the weather. Your background and photo blending is gorgeous and I really like your great brushwork and super lighning bolts. I really like this layout and keep finding more and more interesting pieces to look at.

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There's an emotional energy in this layout that is very appealing. It's at the same time sad and amusing. I

love the blending of real and imaginary in the background paper and the forground figures are captivating.

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