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Project Life 2013 -January #4

Project Life 2013 -January  #4

AFT Metro Love
AFT Life Montage Collection Biggie

    What a sweet group of siblings. They are lovely and I like your descriptions of their personalities and the tabs for their names.
    So sweet... i really enjoyed reading about each of them. Nice background colour to offset the photos. =)
    fun to capture those school photo memories...they look like a precious crew! Nice layout!
    This is SO SWEET Sara. Adorable photos and I really like your descripton of each child. I like the colors you used and your title, too.
    I like how you put the pics on the file tabs! Great photos!
    Beautiful page. I like the names on the tabs and the "I love you" wordart.
    Cute layout and I also like the names on the file tabs.
    haha "The Princess" I like the tabs with the names on them.
    Love the blue color of the background and the use of tabs for the names. The kids are so cute.
    Sweet photos and journaling. I love your color combo, too!