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Dancing Egret -- January 2013 ATC

Dancing Egret -- January 2013 ATC

I don't usually make new year resolutions, as I don't end up keeping them past February. So I just try to be the best person that I can be and pass forward any kindness done to me.

I saw this photo in one of the 'Daily Inspiration' emails that I receive and just fell in love with this Egret. She looks so happy with the wind blowing in her feathers. Balancing on the fence it seems to me she is dancing. There was a quote with this photo, but I didn't think it fit, so I wrote my own.

Supplies Used:
MRE Love Every Day Collection -- Paper-Blue, Frame, Journal
SG A Narrative Collection -- Butterfly

    Your egret does look as if she is dancing with no inhibitions, Carol and I agree, we should all dance like that! I have a sign that my son gave me that says, "dance like no one is watching" and I interpret that in so many ways - dance, sing, do those things that we stop doing as we get older! Your card is lovely and I love the message it sends!
    I love this picture! I am partial to birds, I am looking forward to retiring and going on birding hikes. I really like your quote too! Although I kinda dance like Elaine on Seinfeld, I do it around the house now and then. :D
    Fabulous ATC! The photo is wonderful, and I love the quote. Perfect background, too. And, of course, I always enjoy your butterflies.
    Wonderful ATC Carol! I love the great photo and the quote. I think the butterflies are the perfect addition.
    (Don't forget to email me a full resolution copy - 1050x750 pixels at 300 dpi)
    That is a great photo and I like your quote for it. It's a neat design - I love that fancy gold frame & the water background is a great choice. Glad to see you here.
    Wow, Ms. Carol! I love, love, love your ATC. The picture is awesome, and your quote perfectly matches that egret! The feel of the butterflies is a great finishing touch! Great job!
    Love it, Carol! Glad to see you scrapping! The butterflies are such a fun addition to the card.
    Lovely photo and great ATC, Carol. I really like your life sentiment and the quote you picked.
    I love the photo! Your ATC is beautiful.
    Wonderful card and photo Carol