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Jan SS Club - Letters to Juliet

Jan SS Club - Letters to Juliet

One fun part about visiting Verona, was seeing "Juliet's house". Yes, I know she's a fictional character, but that doesn't stop us from believing...

I've been enjoying coloring the flowers and the monograms in this month's Club. In this layout, I also used the dynamic brushes to erase parts of the big photo.

Full info is in the exif file.

Journaling reads: In Verona, at the home reputedly owned by the Capulets, lovers from around the world pledge their eternal love by locking their names together on the fence, by writing their names on chewing gum and sticking them onto the walls, or by writing notes to Juliet. Our guide told us there’s a general clean-up every 6 months. I certainly hope true love lasts longer than that!

    What a perfect subject for a layout using this collection, Diane! Love the cluster with the monogramm. You did a beautiful job with coloring the flowers and your photos are fabulous.
    Pretty layout, Diane. Such a nice Valentine's Day design & a sweet idea.
    What a wonderful story, beautifully captured in your photos, journaling and layout. I like the red and white colors - Perfect!
    What a lovely layout and the inspiration for creating it. The coloring, flowers, and other elements you used are just perfect for its ‘feel’. Well done.
    Oh I am so in awe of your skill... The recoloured flowers are amazing, I went back and relooked at each one after reading your comments and I just think you are the BEST at SS... I have been looking at the club but didn't really know how to do it... Your flowers are so inspiring... I might need to look at it again!! Wonderful photos, I love the idea behind them all... But thanks for explaining the chewie one... I wasn't sure what that was!! I really like the way you drew on the idea of "letters to Juliet" to leave a space on your page, I feel like I want to write my own letter there now!! Wonderfully inspired page and I am sooo captivated by your flowers... Tfs :-)
    Oh how lovely Diane - story and layout. And wow do I agree with Jode - you sure are a master at SS. It blows my mind to think you have colored all those pieces. I really enjoyed your interesting journaling - I learn something new every day - who knew?? Your photos are gorgeous and you blending so beautiful. Super special page - so wonderful to look through.
    Super, super layout! I love your imagination - how you tucked the J in amongst the flowers, how you framed the journaling, the whisp of a background (I guess that's a Gesso overlay?). Just love it!
    Truly a beautiful layout! I love the colours and the pictures are really great!
    Another beauty ~ and wonderful use of the SS products!! The fresh color scheme and airy composition caught my eye. Gorgeous layout!