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Journalling (courtesy of Sara Arell in the Quote-a-Day thread):

A wee bit of heaven

drifted down from above-

A handful of happiness,

a heart full of love.


The mystery of life,

so sacred and sweet-

The giver of joy

so deep and complete.


Precious and priceless,

so lovable, too-

The world's sweetest miracle,

baby, is you.


--Helen Steiner Rice


Supplies used:

Melissa Renfro--Love Every Day Collection Biggie

Angie Briggs--Count the Ways Embelishment Mini

Angela Blanchard--Prairieland Collection

Shalae Tippetts--Dynamic Brush Set: Basic Stitching 4901 Biggie


Other supplies in EXIF


font: FG Cathie's Hand

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Ooooooh! Monica! Look at those tiny hands and feet - so sweet! What a little darling in his Santa hat! Love the circle frames and your layout is wonderful! I love that quote and I'm so happy to see that you've used it here! xo

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This really caught my eye on the MB. My #4 DGS is Owen, and he's a Christmas baby, too! Such a cute page, love the composition.

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Such a precious baby. This beautiful layout immediately jumped out at me. I love the close-up photos and the special journaling says it all. Great job on this layout.

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