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Jounraling: January 6 - January 12, 2013

Monday was back to school after our very long winter break. Jaxon and Dylan were so happy to go back and see their friends again. They also really enjoyed their school routine. Dylan however had a tough time adjusting to getting up early and being on a schedule. He cried to me on Wednesday that he wishes he was a 4-year old again coming home from VPK so he could play all afternoon and not have to study his spelling and write sentences. He is so sentimental. Its tough being a kid! Saturday was Rugby at WPB. It misty-rained most of the day and they had fun playing with friends on the field and making castles out of barrier cones. Dylan always finds time to locate pretty flowers as a gift for me. xoxoxox









DHD-AgnesBiro-TheLastWarmDay-paperclip copy



MCrea_AroundTheHouse (1)


MRE_Extinct_Emb_RopeLoopSm copy




wbi_phototabs2_saturday, sunday

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Great photos - so much fun in little boys' lives - even with the sadness of school starting again. Your photos are great and I really like where you placed your journaling and the background you used.

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I really like how you cropped the photo with the castle. It certainly focuses your attention and gives a pop of color.

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Nice layout - I love the colors & the way you've beveled the edges of the photos and raised them off the page.

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