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Proj 52 Week 1

Proj 52 Week 1

I'm a first-timer on Project 52. I enjoyed seeing everyone's LO's last year so I hope that I can keep up to date with mine. Supplies in EXIF...TFL.

Journaling reads:

7. Count-down to the New Year. Boys make their toast with aunties/Grammy in 2013!!!
8 Yay! My boys came home Saturday!
9. Another gorgeous sunset on the river with floating chuncks 0f snow and ice.
10. When we arrived home, the sunset made the trees in the foreground appear to be glowing. Sunsets here are beautiful.
11. On Sunday morning, I was thrilled to see falling snow--big, feathery flakes of snow. I watched it snow the entire afternoon. Godís grace is living on the river and seeing the snow covering the landscape. I donít mind cold weather for this view!
12. Today, I watched a bald eagle circling and fishing from the river for most of the afternoon. I feel lucky when she lands in my trees with her catch, eats, and then grooms herself. National Geographic LIVE!

    Wow, super photos and I can't believe you see eagles, how cool. I really like your page and especially how you wound the ribbon around the template.
    Love the toast! I like the dimensional look of your title and the background for it is just perfect! The winding ribbon really caught my eye when I saw your layout - what a nice touch!
    Love how you wrapped the ribbon thru the template!
    I like the wrapped ribbon too and I envy your view.
    Lovely, great design. I like that photo of the toast, too. The ribbon is such a nice touch.
    Your little numbers and the scattered snowflakes are fun. Looks great.
    I especially like the Happy New Year -- when you put your album together this will be a perfect first page! Lovely photos and journaling, too.
    Love those snow shots! What a beautiful view you have. The boys are adorable. Love what you did with the ribbon too.
    Love your photos! The snowy scenes are something i can only dream about, and the red touches add such a festive air to your layout. The photo of the boys in front of the Christmas tree is great!