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Proj 52 Week 1 left page

Proj 52 Week 1 left page

Week 1 - left page

Journaling reads:

Dalton received a surprise on the morning of his 10th birthday--his two cousins, unexpected, walked into his house! Their trip was a well-kept secret from him. He repeatedly said his 10th was his best birthday ever!

2. Bowling with the cousins!

3. New Year’s Day - back in SD, spent the afternoon in ER when DH
was seriously cut by glass (the end of the dining table bizarrely
broke off). Our friend, an athletic trainer, accompanied us to the ER.

4. The attending PA knew our friend; she had played softball for the
university, Her wonderful, calming bedside manner was a blessing.
She distracted DH in conversation about sports while she carefully
cleaned and made 15 stitches in an ugly wound. Now, we pray
for problem-free healing.

5. Boys outbound to Colorado to surprise Dalton on his birthday!

6. Coach grabs the “top shelf” whiskey and toasts with Gary.

    Super photos and journaling and I really like how you put this page together - it looks great. Ouch for your poor husband - sure hope that wound is healing nicely.
    Love your composition! I like the red frames that tie your great pics together so nicely! Ouch is right - the pic of the doc sewing up your husband's hand hurt me too! I do not like stitches and I hope his hand heals quickly and nicely! :)
    Cool bowling alley photo such vibrant colors! You are off to a GREAT start!
    Looks like your week was mostly fun but a little bit scary. I hope your husband is healing well. I like that you did a lot of journaling.
    Hope dh is doing well; that is very scary. I got a nasty cut from a falling milk bottle when I was young and still cringe when I hear breaking glass.
    That upper right photo is so vibrant. I love it. Hope your DH's wound heals well. Love that you took pics at the hospital!
    Looks like a great week, except for that darned wound. Hooray for PAs though! (I am actually a PA, when not a scrapbooker and SAHM that is, lol...I volunteer weekly at our free medical clinic here). Very nice page!
    Great photos! How did you ever manage to get the kids to pose so well together??? I like your template and journaling, too.
    Wow, great job on your week, love the photos and arrangement. Poor DH - but good shot of the work involved with mending him. Ouch!
    Great two page layout. Love the ribbon twisted around the frame!