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Giraffe Dance

Giraffe Dance

This photo opportunity was an extremely rare find. While we were on our safari in South Africa, we happened across this pair of giraffes during mating season and were able to sit for over a half an hour and watch their courtship dance. Our ranger had never even seen one before. It was such an amazing experience and I love how this layout reflects my memory of that event.

Products Used:
Persian Breeze Paper Biggie
Blossoms & Blooms - Fall Embellishment Biggie
Street Grunge - Frames Transparency

    What an awesome experience for you and the pics are fantastic. The collections you used for this LO really compliment your pictures very well. Great job!
    How amazing is that?!!? The layout is wonderful too. Sounds like you had the safari of a lifetime!
    How wonderful! I imagine it was the adventure of a lifetime! Great photos and lovely LO!
    wow that is super!!!!!!!!

    You've captured the moment really well in this layout. Romance and serenity. Great layout.
    donna murillo
    Nov 04 2006 09:46 PM
    how beautiful. that must have been a fantastic trip. TFS
    what a great experience and you have done a great job in putting your memory into a lo. Great photos and I love the belt along the side.
    I absolutely love this layout. Everything about it is stunning! I love that you were able to go on an actual Safari. How wonderful! Those pictures are amazing and I love how this layout captures the moment! Love the belt along the edge best!
    What fantastic photos! I love the belt and the flower blends with the photos so nicely!
    Some of my favorite things giraffes... want a special thing to see I just love the eyes and the way they look at things...
    great shots. great LO