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Project Life 2013 January Page 3

Project Life 2013 January Page 3

Here's page 3 of Project Life 2013. Jimmy and Rolo hanging out together, which they just love to do! Thanks for looking.

Products used:

Papers: JRE_ReflectionsOfTheHeart
Templates: BMU_CurledUp, BMU_SSPaper_Edgers
Wordart (Sweet): BMU_Peaceful
Elements: mle Card, T. Stroud

Fonts used: Hobo

    I like the way you used coordinating layouts for pages that will probably face each other in your scrapbook. I'm trying to do the same thing.
    Looks like we're peeking in through a window. Love the way you've designed the layout to pull it all together.
    Another great page. Your photo is so cute and they certainly look like great buds. They both are so cute. I really like how you blended the photo into the paper. The wood background is wonderful with the different shadings of color. Absolutely love the alpha that you used.
    Cute photo and I love the curled paper in the background. Lovely page!
    i like your title! Lovely colours too, and that peeling paper is such a nice touch. =)
    Just love the frame around the blended photo. I will definitely have to remember that idea!
    Cool rolled paper, they look like best buddies for sure!