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Project Life 2013 January Page 4

Project Life 2013 January Page 4

Here's Page 4 with more of the same. Can you tell these two are inseparable!

Products used:

Papers: JRE_ReflectionsOfTheHeart
Templates: BMU_CurledUp, BMU_SSPaper_Edgers
Wordart (Sweet): BMU_Peaceful
Elements: mle Card, T. Stroud

Fonts used: Hobo

    They're both so cute! I really like the curls framing the photo and the rough wood of the background.
    Great layout. The photo is so cute and they do look like they are great buddies. Love the paper curls and the wood background. Great job of blending too.
    Holy smokes, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! I will probably be scraplifting you soon. :) Great blending and I love the colors.
    They look like quite a pair of buddies.
    Your curled papers look great.
    This is so sweet and looks like they are ready for action!
    Oh how cute! I love the way the papers are rolling back from the main photo, that's a fun look. And that photo is just precious. :)
    So cute! Love your curled page and the pretty wood background. Adorable photo blended into the background.
    oh this is just tooooo cute. love it
    Interesting effect with the curled paper, it's like we're peeling away the top layer to get at the treasure underneath. Lovely photo too. =)
    Nothing gets between a boy and his dog! Such a cute layout and cute subjects. Love the curled paper.