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Project Life 2013 January #3


© Amy Sauke

Project Life 2013 January #3

not much happening in January except a birthday and some weather....lol

    I like the different sized pictures. His taller knees comment is funny. :giggle_bear:
    Great photos and a great way to remember a special day.
    Great photos, and I especially like your title with tag.
    Kids say the cutest things. I like your title with the tag. Cute!
    LOVE this and what a wonderful way to remember such a great day! Love your composition!
    Very sweet. Your photos are great! I like how you have layer them out. Your background paper is very pretty.
    Great family photos, Isaac is such a handsome boy! Your title is cute, and the 'taller knees' comment is just too funny. =)
    The birthday boy looks pretty happy! nice photos of your family. don't kids say the "darnedest" things!
    Such nice family photos, I love the "knees are taller"!