Our LIttle Elephant

I did one of these photos years ago, but I wanted it to coordinate with a second page. (It won't get posted for a few months because it works for another challenge). ;)

While the smaller photo is no masterpiece, it was so dark you could hardly see what it was.

I used several adjustment layers to fix it: exposure, levels and brightness/contrast. The spots where the sun is shining were distractingly bright, so I used the adjustment layer's mask to "paint away" the brighter portions of the adjustment layer. The photo isn't perfect, but I think it is useable.


Thanks for looking!


Assemble Your Own: Alpha Strings White

His and Hers Collection Biggie

JIF 6 by Ang Campbell

Newborn Collection

Sweet Street Grunge Collection Biggie

Sweet Street Grunge Paper Super Mini 1

Vigor and Vim Collection Biggie

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What a cute page, April! I love the whimsy of it and I love the striped background paper which just really sets off the photos within the "circle frame" - and the cute little pink elephant is the perfect touch of whimsy for this page. The photos are darling - what a sweet memory! Such a creative and fun page!

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What a great imagination and she really does look like an elephant in disguise. You did such a great job with the photo I had to go back to see which one you meant because it looks so great I didn't notice. Sure wish there would be a class in adjustment layers so I could learn to do this - you saved a darling pic April. Sweet page.

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Oh how clever and imaginative she is! Your little "elephant" is adorable. I like the mix of large circle with the stipes in your layout, and your elephant embellishment is perfect. I also like the playful look to your title. I must check out those beads in the boutique! Lovely and fun page!

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Very sweet layout. And the imagination of the young girl is amazing. Your photos are great. Great job on fixing your photo. The collection used is great, I love working with that collection. Beautiful layout.

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Yep, the photo rescue worked brilliantly - I never would have realised there was a problem if you hadn't said - it is better than many of my 'good' photos!. Wonderful use of the ribbon to separate the two photos and yet bring them together, the stepped effect like that lets the eye wander through naturally. terrific page. ps the kids look so cute and so little - I assume that is Thomas down the front??

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That photo is MUCH more than usable! Great job bringing it to life. Isn’t PS a marvel?!


I just love the background papers and the neat WA you created with the string and beads, especially the way you hung it kind of drooped. This is a VERY pleasing LO!

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