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Jan 30 HNC - Photo Manipulation

Jan 30 HNC - Photo Manipulation

Today's challenge gave me the chance to use my latest purchase, the Silhouettes action by Brandy Murry. (I blended another Venice photo into the background paper as well.) We were fortunate to have a gondola ride while in Venice. Here's a photo of our gondolier. TFL!

Font is Exmouth.

    What a great page - I love the results!!!!
    Amazing. I have that action too but haven't played with it
    Gosh, Diane this is super lovely. Great job with the action and your blending is absolutely gorgeous. I love the painted feel to your page and the angle of your photo - I feel like I'm in the gondola with you. You used the perfect background to go with your photo - this looks like a real work of art that would be framed on a wall. It's a masterpiece - great work.
    Wowie! I can't use that action as my Elements is from the 1800's hahaha... LOVE how you overlaid the silhouetted Gondolier man over the island of Venice shot... it just transported me there straight away... magical play of black and white with the colour and the harsh light with the soft... such a clever page...
    Very pretty layout. Very pretty soft colours. I like the silhouette of the gondolier . Beautiful!
    This is a stunner! Love the texture here.
    Cool. VERY cool! The blended background photo is stunning...the silhouette of the gondolier is equally stunning. LOVE love LOVE!
    This is fabulous Diane! The background is beautiful and the angle of the Gondolier photo is very creative. I gree with Marilyn. This is definitely framable.
    Oh, this looks fabulous! I love the way you did the background blending too. Fantastic job with today's challenge.
    What an awesome job you did with this, Diane! I havenít purchased Brandyís action yet, but itís on my list and canít wait to play with another one of her fantastic actions!

    I love the way you blended the additional photo into the background and your gondolier turned out wonderfully. A truly piece of art, this layout!