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WedHiNoonChal - EngagementHands

WedHiNoonChal - EngagementHands

For the Wed. High Noon Challenge, Manipulating Photos, 130130

Another LO using things from the collection I created called “An Old Fashion Love”, celebrating my nephew’s engagement. Also used the swirls, KSC_BrushSet_GoWithTheFlow-5. Font is CK_Heritage.

Started out with a photo my nephew took of their hands after placing the ring on her finger. Extracted just the hands, cleaned it up with the Spot Healing brush, and used two copies at Soft Light blend and different opacities until I liked the way it blended into the background paper. I extracted just the diamond from the original photo to place on top at Normal blend, adjusting the opacity so that it blended well with the photos underneath but made the diamond stand out in all its importance.

I think the prose came from a LO here at SG's, but didn't put that information in when I saved it to my 'sayings' Word file. I added the last sentence. I tried to search the web and found a couple of places where the phrases were attributed to Judy Garland.

    Wow! This is beautiful! I love everything about it. You did such a fabulous job on your photo, and I'm glad you let us know how you did it. I love the warm colors of the background. And I especially like how the flowers gracefully curve around your lovely quote. Wonderful in every way!
    This is just sooooooooo gorgeous :) wonderful blending and just love the journaling placed to fit in the curve of the flowers :) Beautiful!
    So pretty! I love the way you used the photo and balanced it with the poem and flowers. Beautifully done!
    Such a gorgeous momento for such a momentous occasion. After reading how you made the layout, I appreciate the attention to detail all the more. I love the soft rich coloring and the subtle blending of the hands into the paper. The shape of the flower cluster moves so beautiful to complement the curves of the hands and bring the eye to the brilliant diamond ring. This is a work of art!
    Just beautiful!