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Project Life: Week 3 (January)

Project Life: Week 3 (January)


15. Beth primary school application 16. Beth playing with Matthew’s flashing glitter bouncy ball 17. Dinner ready to go in the slow cooker between swimming and gymnastics 18. Ed and Beth ready to walk to the shops 19. Beth and Sophie sledging 20. Matthew not enjoying the snow 21. The bank
confirming they will remove the 100% retention



    Great photos! I love the pretty blue background, so perfect for those snowy scenes. Poor Matthew! (I'm sure he'll learn to love the snow pretty soon.)
    Awwww. Poor Matthew. Great colors and nice clean, cold look.
    Love the frosty look to this layout. I have a 2 year old granddaughter who has decided that winter weather is not for her also. She is content to watch her brother and sister play in the snow from the window. You are doing a great job of photographing everyday things.
    Great snowy photos, and i love the blue that accompanies them. Matthew's crying picture is so cute, i have to laugh coz i have plenty of photos of my daughter in full scream mode too, though not in such pretty scenery, hehe! Your boxes of ingredients for the slow cooker gives me an idea... =)
    Great job capturing some everyday moments. I really need to get better at that. Just love the way you are doing your journalling.
    Someone DOES not like that snow at all and funny how the other two are LOVING it!