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Oh how I adore that little neck. I just spent the past four days at the beach with Nicholas and kissed that sweet neck every chance I had! This layout was featured in the Scrap Girls newsletter and described a tip for embossing.

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. . . and that gentle little hand! This photo captures all of Nick’s sweetness and I love how you have made it the main focus—paper, element, and photo all. That was also a great idea to create more focus on the tiny little baby praying mantis.


I also enjoyed your Newsletter TUT, as you taught me about a new tool that I didn’t even know I had! I have been creating clear, embossed items for a long time, but doing it in a l-o-o-n-g, round-about way. How much easier it is for me now! Thank you for the knowledge and for another wonderful LO to enjoy.

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Fabulous layout, Joyce! Such an amazing photo of Nate! I love everything about this page and your article in the NL was wonderful!

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What a precious, precious photo! I love his hand coming down in curiosity toward the insect! Super use of embossing - very creative way to bring subtle attention!

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