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HNC_Photo Manipulation_Gratitude

HNC_Photo Manipulation_Gratitude

For the HNC I copied my photo, and changed the blend mode to Luminosity at 46% Fill. I also used Brandy's new Silhouette Action for the bg. So much fun! I have been on the lookout for it since she taught a great class on Silhouettes at the last SG Convention. Great teacher and great motivator and so inspirational!

I also scraplifted Jen's wonderful Vegas Baby! LO! Loved it, was inspired and got it done. Her LO is a lift of Brandy's great Diff Strokes, also a charmer.

Did this one quickly, as I will be "our of commission" for a bit again...today is Chemo #2....two down, two to go :-) I wish I could leave more love and be more active and look forward to joining in the fun again soon. Hope I am making sense.......LOL, the three steroid days around chemo keep me awake for...three days! No kidding. I'm bonkers.

Materials used in EXIF. TFL!

    Caught my eye immediately in the gallery...Stunning!!
    AHHhh.. Dot, so good to see YOU and your essence here on SG. Gorgeous layout - I love what you did with the photo, it looks great. I really like the warm, rich colors you used and your blending is spectacularly gorgeous. I like the way your page and you glow. Your heartfelt journaling is wonderful and thanks for sharing such a "real" page about yourself. Take care. Sending hugs and my best to you as you travel this journey.
    Oh honey I meant to email you and say I was thinking of you today but I messed up the times and thought I missed it! But I didn't! Can't believe all your hair went this quick.. it HURTS hey?? Bonus is tho, no hairy winter legs or underarms! The wig suits you but you look so different with straight hair! Do whatever makes you comfortable... people will learn to deal with it, and for what it is worth, my hair is now past my shoulders and going well... albeit it came back quite grey and curly! It is now straightening out and mostly brown :-) I LOVE that you are scrapping about this stage and that you continue to do so, the more you share the better you feel and the more we take away the stigma of this terrible illness... You are a brave, wonderful, powerful woman and your hair is just 1 little part of you. Thanks so much for posting and sharing.
    Wow, this is fantastic Dot. Beautiful page and wonderful journaling.
    So rich with color and so arty—this caught my eye immediately, Dot. Outstanding job with the photo manipulation—so very Pop-Art! I’m going to purchase that action today! I love the bit of texture around the small photo, too. And of course, the theme for this LO is just so inspirational. The wig looks fun—reminded me a bit of the only short hair-do I’ve ever had since I was old enough to demand my own style. By several styles and just have a little fun becoming a different person each day. It is so good to see your work once again. We have missed you mightily and are praying for the best-est outcome for the best-est girl! Prayers and hugs, prayers and hugs, prayers and hugs . . . J
    Wow, Dot! You filtered, blended, colored, and otherwise put together a fantastic layout. For doing all that on no sleep, it's amazing!! I'm in awe. I especially like your deep warm colors. (In case you want to know, you are beautiful with or without hair.) Thank you for continuing to share your story. Sending you (very gentle) hugs and healing thoughts.
    Beautiful, on many levels. I love your journaling. This journey is one that will challenge you in so many ways, but you've stepped out in style. I like the wig, I like how you put your page together. And the gold comes shining through your layout, like the gold in your heart. WTG Dot! Oh yeah, once you're done with treatment we'll have to do PS World again.
    so warm and lively! How in the world that you managed to do any scrapping with sucess on no sleep is beyond me! Your achieving big!
    Wow. This is amazing. Great page. Well done. Love the blending and your journaling
    A fab page, looks like the wig suits you, a lovely style. Love the blending and the silhouette look! Good Luck with the chemo xxx hugs xxx