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Journalling: I'm pretty sure this is a black & white tegu lizard. The photos are from our Cape Cod vacation in 2011. The Zooquarium is kind of a really large petting zoo. My niece bugged us for two days to go. She liked the pony rides and petting the goats. Then, there was the reptile show. Before the show, Nat, the speaker, came around with the tegu. My sister petted the lizard. During the show, my niece let the lizard lick her arm. Then, she had some of the little ones come up to meet the lizard - as you can see, my niece was not wild about the idea. Nat got her a round of applause for going up and then my niece sat down - she wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.


Supplies used:

Shalae Tippetts--Value Pack: Zoo

Sarah Batdorf--Basic Shadows 6501

Brandy Murry--Squirt Collection Biggie

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Really fun design Nica. I love the animal prints in the background and the torn paper. The stamp frames look great and I like the weathered look you gave the journaling paper. Fun photos Aggie. That's one interesting looking creature!

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The patterns really are wonderful and I love how you've used them - the way they are separated by the curls and how they all frame the photos. I just don't know what to say, Monica except thanks.

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