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Proj Life - January - layout 1

Proj Life - January - layout 1

I liked using the 8 1/2 x 11 format so that I can easily print my pages and put them into a 3-ring binder in plastic sleeves. I did a summary layout (here), and also a layout of some of my scrapping layouts of the month, since that's how I spend much of my time. :D/> I haven't decided if I should post that one, however.

PS - I edited this for those who are curious: My "fortune" read "Hard words break no bones, fine words butter no parsnips." :huh:

    Diane, I just hadn't really been sold on the whole pocket life way of doing things, but your LO may just get me to reconsider. It is very clean and easy to follow. I love your journaling too. This is a great way to do your summary LOs.
    Nice mix of pictures and journaling. I like the lifted January tag.
    You have been very busy this month. I love looking at your warm weather photos. The furnace is working overtime here. That is definitely an unusual fortune.
    Hahaha... i remember you telling us about the fortune during the Project Life chat, Diane. That was such a hoot! Lovely photos and nice journalling too. And you play mahjong??? Wow! (Just curious, i assume you don't actually read Chinese so was it hard for you to learn all the characters? Though i wouldn't know the implications of that coz i don't play mahjong myself.)
    Diane this is so great and I like how you summarized your month, I might have to try that since I haven't done my January page yet. I really like your photos and enjoyed your journaling. I remember that fortune cookie too, it still has me scratching my head. I also really like the neutral background you chose and wow - that bracelet is so beatiful and meaningful.

    And PS - I say "Post away". I always like looking at your pages. Great one here.
    Great journalling Diane and I really like the stitching around the photos. I don't understand the fortune cookie saying, do you?
    Love the bracelet and the basket of decorations is so pretty!
    Great layout and I do like your cards. I will try them. Ummm, was wondering...would you like to adopt me? I miss the Florida coast!;)/>
    Awesome job keeping up for the year. Great page. Nice set of photos and they are blocked so well.