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Best Friends, right

Right page, with journaling:


Thursday morning we packed the car, and Robin drove us to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Angel Canyon, just outside Kanab. Here, as part of Best Friends no-kill program and their No More Homeless Pets Network, homeless animals are cared for until a home is found. Those who are never ready to move on have a home for life. All are given excellent physical and medical care, training and love.


We joined a sanctuary bus tour with stops at Dogtown and Cat World. Most residents are housed in groups, providing social interaction and room for exercise. The majority of residents are adoptable cats and dogs, but the sanctuary also accommodates other animals. In Dogtown, dogs get training to recover from their pasts. Cat World is a cat village of free-roaming areas with access to screened porches, and many places to hide or climb. Horse Haven is home to horses, burros, mules, goats and sheep. Potbellied pigs live in Piggy Paradise; about 130 rabbits and a few guinea pigs live in the Bunny House. Parrot Garden houses parrots as well as other species of birds. Best Friends’ Wild Friends refuge is a licensed rehabilitation center, dedicated to re-releasing orphaned or injured wild animals, such as bobcats, eagles and bunnies.

Angel’s Rest marks the resting places of sanctuary animals who spent their lives in the canyon. Memorials include wind chimes that provide music with the slightest breeze.




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I like the contrast between the white background and the brown border to the picture. The photographs really work in the centre of the page with the text acting as a border.

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