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Jump Start January Task 21


Hilary Locke

Jump Start January Task 21

I thought I would never finish this LO! My scrapping mojo went AWOL big time for a couple of days and I was seriously in danger of not finishing. Anyway - here it is.

ely is the most beautiful cathedral city in the middle of the east anglian fens. I caught it at dusk with the last of the snow still on the ground. The black and white house in one of the smaller pictures was lived in by Oliver Cromwell (the nearest thing the UK had to a dictator) in the 17th Century.













    Well, your mojo DEFINITELY came back! This is wonderful!
    Fantastic page! I'm adding it to my favorites...
    What a gorgeous page, Hilary! I love it! I especially like the notebook/desk theme and the interesting techniques you've used on those beautiful photos.
    Wonderful page - love your album look - the elements are great & the photos are Marvellous!
    Looks like your mojo came back because this is beautiful! I love the whole composition!
    Beautiful! Really beautiful!
    Fabulous page, Hilary. I'm glad that you got your mojo back. Mine finally returned and I feel so much better.

    Your photos are beautiful and I love how you laid them out, and your using the large photo in the book.
    Fantastic page. Love the blends/filters you used on your photos. Great titlework. Way to Finish off January!
    Gorgeous photo and page. I really like how you put all the pieces together into a book....
    A great LO, I love the notebook/album and the pen all set up as an album in progress. TFS xxx