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Kikki_K Vision Board

Kikki_K Vision Board

This is what my Kikki_K Vision Board ended up looking like with my Christmas Advents etc... just wanted to share it as it looked great :dancingelephant:

Hybrid items as follows:
Kikki-K Vision Board
Kikki-K Push Pins
Kikki-K Inspire Book of Quotes - 9 Copied & shrunk to size
Kikki-K's Red 'n White Twine
Kikki-K's Reindeer - Wish Tag
Christmas Card - Silver Pegs
Gold Push Pins around Advent Poster
4 Wine Glass - Charms

Plus 3 Advent Calendars, The True Meaning of Christmas, Peppakakka's Recipe, Christmas ATC, Memories ATC (enlarged) & Christmas Card

    Wow, lots of great Advent calendars. Thanks for sharing this.
    This turned out great! I love your calendars. Thanks for giving us the peek at your work.
    So much fun. I should do Christmas with you. You've were busy and creative. Great work