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Saturday Color Challenge: 1/26/13 Purple Mono Liberty

Saturday Color Challenge:  1/26/13  Purple Mono Liberty

It's a good thing this layout was almost complete before my finger had that adventure with the knife -- it's been slow going here this morning.
And, again I find myself at the very END of the color challenge week. My godson Chris often works in NYC and this night he took the ferry home to NJ and sent me this pic from his iPhone. With a little purple enhancement, I thought it worked well for the Purple Monochramatic color scheme Challenge.
Journaling reads:
"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless tempest tossed to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door."
For this layout I used:
BMU Dynamic Brushes: Background Blenders
DEB SS Embellishment Templates: Altered Art Essentials Lockets
DMI SS Type Paths: Waves 3801
KVE Intaglio Collection Biggie
BMU Dazzle Collection Biggie
EBA Sugar Plum Collection Biggie
LCO Marbelized Papers (retired)
and Chris' Photo

    How cool is this from a totally different perspective/artsy view. very neat!!
    Absolutely gorgeous, Marilyn! I love the pattern of your paper and that photo is beautiful. Hope your finger heals quickly!
    You are right - this is so pretty in purple! The monotone draws the eye to the detail andI love the repetition in the paper and the word art of the waves ... wonderful use of Durin's lockets as a feature in your photo!
    I wondered if you were going to do the purple challenge! :D This looks great! I love the combo of the swirly paper pattern and the water of NY harbor. I like the way you've highlighted the Statue and the Statue of Liberty quote is perfect with it, too. Beautifully done!
    Ohh, pretty! I love the color and the wavy texts, and so much more.
    Beautiful blending. Great job framing.
    This is truly beautiful Marilyn. So artistic. Great job!
    I so love this Marilyn, Great techique in focusing on the statue I love how you were able to highlight it. I totally love those background papers...bummer..they're retired. Your wavy text path is great here! Love it!
    Marvelous monochromatic layout! I especially like the oval around the Statue of Liberty, the wavy journaling and the cool background paper.
    Beautiful purple and black ~ and I love how you used the locket embellishment to focus attention on the Statue of Liberty! :)