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Project Life Week 4 (left side)

Project Life Week 4 (left side)

Journalling reads:

Chinese New Year is mere weeks away, and springcleaning is in full swing. As we clean out cupboards and sort through their contents, we can still have fun in our own ways. Daddy suggests that we take a photo of our stuffed toy collection, while Joyjoy makes up a story with our three Esso tigers in a language that makes sense only to her. And since we’re wiping down the closets, Mummy couldn’t resist trying on that wedding gown from all those years ago. Surprisingly, we could still zip it up, but it does feel a little like wearing a corset...

There is also time for some regular after school fun. Here Neko-chan breaks in his new Who’s Who game set with Mummy. Thursday is a public holiday in Malaysia, so Daddy takes the day off work and we hop across to Singapore. With Daddy’s encouragement and guidance, Neko-chan takes on and conquers a very challenging rope gym at West Coast Park, as well as the Flying Fox. Later, we pop down to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year bazaar, where Neko-chan and Mummy both enjoy lots of free Taiwan jellies from enthusiastic vendors offering samples. Mummy also enjoys taking photos of the sights, though that boxy snake really isn’t pretty and is therefore really hard to photograph.

On Saturday evening, we attend little Jeshuah’s first birthday party. The boys have a blast just playing around, while Joyjoy thoroughly enjoys being pushed up and down on a pretty pink tricycle. Charis brought it to the party specially for her, and would cry if anyone else but Joyjoy dares to take a ride on it!

Just a note: i still remember working on Jeshuah's new baby page as a gift, and now he's one! How time flies!

    A great LO! I love how you have done the title 'spring', it stands out well and the small photos framing the edge right around to the pattern on the other side, make a lovely frame for the super journaling. Great memories to look back on! TFS
    Super journaling and lovely page. I like your photos in the negative frames around the page.
    Love the title, and the way the strips frame the page. Nice way to have lots of journaling room.
    You have been busy! Nice layouts to show your activities.
    Love the composition of your layout and love the pics in the negative frames!
    Your jounalling is great and tell the story of your activities so well. Love the "negatives" aroung the edge of the page.
    Love the photo strips!
    Love the white bg with the red. Great framing love that you used the photo strip. Well done page.
    Beautiful journaling and I love how the two pages compliment each other so well. Wish I were there as it was -45 degrees here on Friday with the windchill, so we have a long ways to go before we can welcome spring!
    Fabulous photos and journaling! I like the arrangement of your photos along the edge of the page, too, as well as the festive red color. Super layout!