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Eli's Lost Tooth - Wanted Distressed Font layout


© 2013 Laurel Lakey

Eli's Lost Tooth - Wanted Distressed Font layout

Journaling: "Oh goodness, Eli was so excited to get his first loose tooth ever!! He had told me a couple of week beforehand that his top tooth was loose, and while it was a little bit wiggly, I knew it would be a while before it came out. But then, while we were so focused on his top tooth being wiggly, we were shocked to find that his bottom one was even more loose! It felt like we saw that bottom one wiggle once, and then it was falling out! I wish I could have videotaped his reaction -- he was so surprised and shocked! And it was fun to collect the tooth, have him write a note to the Tooth Fairy, and then watch him arrange them so carefully under his pillow that night. The Tooth Fairy certainly had a fun time that night as she tried to make sure she didnít wake him up as she pulled out the tooth, and slipped a couple of bucks under his pillow. That was a whole other discussion between the Tooth Fairy and her husband -- how much moolah would be given for the tooth. You see, when I was a kid, it was a quarter per tooth, but he was thinking more along the lines of five dollars! Hence the compromise at two dollars....wink...In any case, Eli was so excited to find his tooth gone the next morning and those bills hanging out instead! Sometimes having kids is just too darn fun!"

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Toothless Collection Biggie
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    I love your cluster, cute photo, and your journaling! Cute story and layout.
    Love the journaling of the story!!!
    Cute photo and great journaling. I really like how the colors on your page match with Eli's shirt.
    Fantastic journaling. Love the colors. Wonderful job clustering.
    cute journaling about his tooth. My 6 year olds came home from school on Friday each with a tooth in their hand-they are not twins, but lost the same tooth the same afternoon at school!
    Oh how funny! What a coincidence. :)
    I especially like the big block of journaling - and how you blended it in color-wise so it presents as white space as well as journaling.
    Eli is so cute:)
    Oh wow, loose teeth are so fun! What a great LO commemorating the occasion! I love the colours and the journaling is fabulous!
    This is such a cool layout! I love the composition and all that journaling!!! That's always my favorite thing to see :)