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Project Life - week 5

Project Life - week 5

It’s hard to believe January is already over! The Unity Wreath that the kids made last week was displayed in church. The symbolism of everyone’s hands in all different colors was wonderful! After church we went to Christian’s party to celebrate his 4th birthday. They had all sorts of exotic animals there, even a kangaroo! The older kids at church are finally getting into the music - even the boys were dancing this week. We have Mourning Doves that come to our bird feeder and just wait for us to fill it up. We call them our ‘fat birds’.

Dusty keeps escaping, so we had to tie him in the yard. He isn’t very happy about it but we’re afraid he’ll get hurt.

I had the opportunity to help out a friend by singing in their choir for a wedding. The pipe organ was simply stunning! St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church is so pretty, and it is right by Peacock Park down in Coconut Grove. The peacock statue below is ‘wearing’ their school uniform, and the feathers are handprints of the school kids.

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    Looks great! I like how you have the Jan & Feb cards side be side and "connected" with the staples.
    Great blocking and journaling. Well done
    Great blocking and journaling. Well done
    Another great set of photos and nice journaling. Nice work!
    Great calendar page. I love the peacock statue photo of all the kids hands in different colors. That is so unique. Love your photos and I especially love the Kangaroo. Ah, poor Dusty. But better safe than sorry. Is that your church's organ? It's absolutely gorgeous.
    Great photos! I love the dark background with them, too. I think the peacock is such a neat idea! I'm glad you took some pictures of it.
    I really like the bright colors in contrast to the black background!
    Wonderful photos. You are really doing a great job of documenting your activities week by week.
    Great photos and month, Becky. I really like reading your pages.
    Nice page, it is so colorful! I like how you showed the months changing midweek with the Jan/Feb stapled together.