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1942 camp beth jacob

this is a photo of my mom ( dark hair featured in middle) on the porch steps of a summer camp where she worked in 1942. i love having these jiffy pages to quickly add a page to my heritage album...the collection is perfect for heritage photos and hope to scrap some more on my own..i did make some simple changes to accomodate my photo and journaling.


cc always appreciated

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Oh just gorgeous.... your mum is beautiful.... the colours are just perfect here, so subtle and muted... really make the photo sing... stunning page!

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THis is just beautiful... what a great photo to have, and you've featured it beautifully. There is just enough 'stuff' on the page to enhance the photo without cluttering it and taking our attention away from it. Your mum is lovely!

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Oh, I LOVE this photo! How wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!


I love seeing my pages used in different ways.


Paula Wright

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You must have done a lot of photo restoration to be able to use this wonderful picture so large. Paula's Collection works so well with the heritage style since the colors are nicely aged. I love how you have placed the subtle title . . . it's there, but does not overwhelm the photo. Love this Bobbie . . . I'm inspired.

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