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1955 grandpa oscar at his desk

another one made easy by the new collection for this months club and the jiffy page..i added a few things


cc always appreciated

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Great photos, love the layering and the old sticky tape holding the photo on, makes it look like an old album page. TFS XXX

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Copying and cropping the photo is such a great idea. It adds more visual interest and gets more mileage out of such a precious photo! Again, what a precious photo to have, and i like how you included the newspaper cutting. Nicely done! =)

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This jiffy page lends itself very well to your heritage photo. I also like the way you zoomed in on the photo and left one more distant. Nice technique.

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This is perfect! the colours are masculine, the page is full of interest without being cluttered. How wonderful to have a photograph of your grandfather at his place of work.

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