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Weeks 3-4, right page

Weeks 3-4, right page

Two-page spread---
Used new Scrap Girls Club - Paula Wright's "Buttermilk Road" Collection.

Journaling reads:

The Arctic cold dipped into SE South Dakota in mid-January. 1. Thanks to his Grammy,
Sammy has a warm winter coat. 2. A special thank you from a VP at work. 3. After a Sunday/
Monday ice storm, dad drives his boys to school and me to work in his 4-wheeler! 4. Heavy Sunday morning
rain later turns to a thick layer of ice. 5. Old Main was covered in snow last week--this week itís rain. 6. Loganís
excitement shows on Saturday as he watches snow falling. 7. Justin enjoys one of his specialty omelets.


    Lovely photos and great journaling. I like how you tucked it in behind the pics and I really like how you used the new club. Super layout.
    Great job incoorporating the current events!
    Neat photos and colors. I like the cluster of framed photos. Pretty cluster, too.